Why use a GPS tracker vs a mobile phone?

How it works

There are many advantages to having a child wear a tracking device versus carrying a phone.  Some of the clear advantages are:

  • No risk of child incurring large phone bills
  • Less risk of having the device stolen
  • Easy, single-button press for child to call one of two numbers (SkyNanny 2.0)
  • Use of a mobile phone may not be appropriate for younger children
  • Guardians can discretely monitor the child's whereabouts without having to make an intrusive call
  • Tracker has SOS ("panic") button that child can press to send an alert message to the guardian

The SkyNanny GPS tracker device uses a standard SIM card from your mobile service provider.  The GPS tracker gets its coordinates from GPS satellites free of charge.  It communicates with the SkyNanny GPS app on your Android phone via SMS text through your mobile service provider.  To minimize costs, it is best to get a mobile plan that has unlimited texting (for both the tracker and the phone with app). 

SkyNanny GPS provides the most cost-effective solution to monitor your loved ones.  Unlike some competitors, there are no contracts and no MONTHLY FEEs.  The only fees you incur are those associated with the text plan you have for the SIM card in the tracker device(s) and your phone.  There are service plans available for as little as $4/mo from your local mobile service provider (e.g., US Mobile).