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1. Are GPS trackers easy to use?

SkyNanny GPS makes GPS tracker devices easy to use.  The parent has an intuitive, graphical app to monitor and manage the tracker worn by the child.  Electronic copies of the manuals are available on the Download section of this website.

2. What are the costs of using a GPS tracker?

You will need a SIM card for the tracker, along with a mobile service plan that supports SMS texting.  The tracker uses SMS texts in the background to communicate with your phone.  If you plan to get a lot of updates from the tracker on a daily basis, it is best to get an unlimited text plan with minimal/no talk minutes.  There are low-cost plans that support unlimited text available in the US and Canada.  We recommend the following service providers:

                             US Mobile (text plans for as low as $2/mo; $7/mo for unlimited text + $2 service fee)

                             Pros:  Lowest cost monthly plans, including unlimited text plan for under $10/mo.

                             Cons: Nationwide coverage is spotty in rural areas.  Please check coverage map on their website.
                             Click on image to go to

                             Liberty Wireless (unlimited text plan for $10/mo)

                             Pros:  Cost-effective alternative to other providers

                             Cons: No on-line account management.  Must call representative to activate SIM card.

                             Click on image to go to

* We recommend US Mobile due to its cost-effective, unlimited texting plan

3. Does SkyNanny GPS charge any monthly fees?

No.  Unlike some competitors, SkyNanny GPS does not charge any fees to monitor tracking devices.

4. How many models are available and how do they compare?

There are currently two models available.  The table below provides a comparison.

5. How are tracking devices distinguished when I am tracking a group of children?

Each tracking device requires a SIM card.  The phone number associated with the SIM card is used to distinguish between the devices being tracked.

6. What is the accuracy of the GPS trackers?

Accuracy is usually within a radius of 16~33 feet.  However, actual results will depend on environmental factors.  SkyNanny 2.0 also uses LBS technology when GPS signals are not available.  This would at least help with an approximation of the child's whereabouts, based on the location of the closest cell phone tower to the child.

7. Do GPS trackers work indoors?

The trackers work best outdoors, where there is a strong satellite signal.  They tend to not reliably work indoors due to weaker GPS signals.  SkyNanny 2.0 will use LBS whenever GPS signals are not available.

8. What type of SIM card are used in the tracking device?

SkyNanny GPS offers two different trackers:

SkyNanny 1.0 tracker uses a mini-SIM card (largest SIM offered).

SkyNanny 2.0 tracker uses a micro-SIM card (one step smaller than mini-SIM).

9. Will Skynanny GPS work in my country?

The tracker uses a SIM card, which is associated with a GSM network.  The tracker is designed to support GSM networks operating in either the 850, 900, 1800, or 1900MHz frequency bands.  Please check with your local network provider to determine compatibility. 

10. What type of smartphones are supported by the app?

Any smartphone with Android 2.3 or higher (SkyNanny 1.0) will work.  SkyNanny 2.0 requires Android 4.0 or higher.  iPhones are not supported because iOS currently does not allow third-party apps to intercept and process SMS texts.  The app relies on SMS texting to/from the tracker.

11. Why choose SkyNanny GPS?

While there are many tracking devices available on the market, they are difficult to set up and use.  The SkyNanny GPS solution makes using tracking devices simple.  The intuitive interface and feature-set of the app, combined with the latest technology used in the tracking device, is the perfect combination for all of your child monitoring needs.

When it comes to a wearable device for your child, don't compromise on quality.  There are "cheaper" devices available on the market, and many of them appear fine by their product description.  However, you will find that they are inconsistent in performance, which is a terrible thing given its intended use.  Our trackers are manufactured in an ISO 9001 certified factory.  This provides a level of assurance that you are getting the best quality GPS tracker for kids on the market.